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we will raise taxes, cut a half a trillion from medicare and affect veterans' care. i think we can do it better. >> the senator-elect will be in washington tomorrow. >>> so-called white house gate crashers appeared on capitol hill today refusing to answer questions about their uninvited appearance at a state dinner. the salahis say they were assured by white house staffers and others that they were cleared into the november dinner. their attorney steven best says when they offered e-mails, phone records and more to congressional investigators to back up their story, that stuff was rejected. instead calling the couple in for what he called a public flogging. >> this was not part of a reality t.v. show, not part of a publicity stunt. they believe 100% believed in their hearts they were invited to the white house that night for an event. >> now, in this case obviously nothing happened. but we were lucky. what if we are not so lucky next time. >> a federal grand jury is still investigating. >>> up next, a patient of the accused fort hood shooter speaks. saying there is no doubt he is terr
say that. i would just tell them if we do nothing, the medicare trust fund would be exhausted in seven years. the plan we have before the senate would extend the life of medicare for nine more years. if we do nothing, there will be 57 million americans uninsured instead of 47 million in just a few years and the cost of the average health insurance plan for the average family of four will double in the next ten years if we do nothing. that's why we think this is a serious issue. >> schieffer: i don't think anybody would argue that it is not a serious issue, senator durbin. let me just ask you this. what senator mccain said. he said he is willing to try to get some republicans to sit down with democrats and see what you agree on. what would be wrong with that just saying here's what out there. we agree with this. we don't agree with that and pass what you agree on. wouldn't that be a start? >> there's nothing wrong with it. but, bob, for the record, president obama met personally with the republican leaders in the house and senate before this began and engaged them and asked them, be par
security, and veterans programs are exempt, so are the skyrocketing budgets of medicare medicaid, and social security. it's expected to save a mere $250 billion over ten years. that's less than 3% of the $9 trillion that will be added to the national debt during that period. still, the white house says every little bit helps. >> this is not the only thing we're going to be doing to bring down the deficit but what i would say is it's a start. >> reporter: many liberals are furious at the president, bombarding the internet with predictions that social programs will be targeted. republicans say it's not enough. >> we've been on quite a binge over the last 12 months and it's going to take a lot more than this kind of modest freeze to get us back on the right track. >> reporter: some republicans say it's little more than a gimmick. as one put it "it's like going on a diet after winning a pie-eating contest." even some democrats are warning of economic calamity if dramatic action isn't taken. >> we are on a course that is totally unsustainable. >> reporter: despite all the red ink, the
and copayments can add another $1,000 to that. there's no medicare or medicaid. the government pays a cash subsidy to anyone who can't afford the basic policy. no one goes broke from getting sick, but health care's cost to the economy here is higher than anywhere except the u.s. what you built here was a rolex and really, perhaps, you should have made a timeex. >> it is a rolex. you're right. it should not just look like a rolex but also work like a rolex. >> reporter: it does, and the swiss love it, except once a year when premium prices go up. insurance companies which aren't allowed to make a profit from selling basic coverage and can't limit patient choice complain their hands are tied. do you think that patients have too much choice now? >> they have a lot of choice. >> reporter: too much? >> i think perhaps yes. >> reporter: given an aging population and high-tech medicine, some say costs are bound to rise 3% or 4% a year. health care reform here has been more expensive than reformers predicted, but the swiss say they didn't expect a perfect system overnight. >> such a system needs,
that he's already increased 24%. >> wait a minute -- >> social security, medicare, medicaid? that's a big budget, though. >> what about the mountain of debt that obama inherited? >> well, but he -- >> it twz a true mountain, was it not? >> he misstated it on wednesday night. he said a trillion dollar deficit. in 2007, the deficit was at $170 billion. over 2008 when bush was still president it exploded to 450 billion because of t.a.r.p. and the recession. that didn't give the president an excuse to blow it up to over $1.3 trillion. >> excuse me. >> no, we want to point out that the t.a.r.p. legislation is bush's legislation. >> yes, but bush only spent $350 billion of the $700 t to k >> with all due dove reness of separation of powers, last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the floodgates for special interests, including foreign corpor our election. [ applause ] >> question. was this political oratory okay or was this demagoguic and dangerous? i ask you, eleanor? >> liberals loved it. this supreme court decision overruled 100 years of legal doctrin
trillions in debt for our children to pay. >> obama care. >> it will raise taxes. it will hurt medicare. it will destroy jobs and run our nation deeper into debt. >> universal health care? >> i think it's important for everyone to get some form of health care so to offer a basic plan for everybody, i think,important. >> new breed republican. >> maybe there's a new breed of republican coming to washington. maybe people will finally look at somebody who's not beholden to the special interests of the party and who will know, just to solve problems. >> question. should this be gloat time for republicans, pat bu cannen? >> it should be in a way rejoice john because what this guy did is i'll go to washington and put a stake right through obama care. he shot up in one month 37 points. 36 hours after he won that election, nancy pelosi said health care can't get through the house, and obama gave up on it. you've got a populous conservative movement that is like a rocket. if the republican party can attach it to itself it can pick up a plethora of seats. obama, a good politician recognized it, j
strengthen medicare for seniors and stop insurance company abuses, let me know. (cheers and applause) let me know. let me know. i'm eager to see it. here's what i ask congress, though. don't walk away from reform. not now. not when we are so close. let us find a way to come together and finish the job for the american people. (applause) let's get it done. let's get it done. now even as health care reform would reduce our deficit it's not enough to dig us out of a massive fiscal hole in which we find ourselves. it's a challenge that makes all others that much harder to solve. and one that's been subject to a lot of political posturing. so let me start the discussion of government spending by setting the record straight. at the beginning of the last decade, the year 2,000, america had a budget surplus of over $200 billion. (applause) by the time i took office, we had a one-year deficit of over one trillion dollars and projected deficits of eight trillion dollars over the next decade. most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug progra
children and my children's children. >> reporter: when someone has alzheimer's, annual medicare costs triple. >> with alzheimer's, there's no cure. >> reporter: the problem: can america cope with a growing disease for which there's no cure? ten years ago, the best seemed yet to come for three generation of this new orleans family. but lisa carbo, now 55, had to move in with her mother shirley when the 78-year-old was diagnosed with advanced alzehimer's disease. >> i know some people have it worse, but i'm getting there. >> reporter: ands where "there"? >> to nothing. to feeling like nothing. >> reporter: for five years, lisa juggled caring for her mother and her job as a nurse. but then a curveball. >> i didn't remember how to do my job! >> reporter: did you ever start to think "well, maybe i have dementia, too?" >> no. almost 9:00 a.m., i need to take my meds. >> reporter: but at 53, lisa was diagnosed with genetic form of alzheimer's, one that strikes at an earlier age. >> it floors me. these women raised me. >> reporter: lee so saa's 31-year-old daughter amy doesn't want testing be
current state. >> a lot of what was being proposed between the half a trillion of medicare cuts, the cuts potentially for veterans and looking at the higher taxes, almost a one size fits all program, is not good for massachusetts. >> reporter: so in a sense after more than half a year of single minded focus on health care reform, the democrats now find themselves back at scare one practically, though they say they're still committed to passing something this year. >> nancy cordes on capitol hill. thank you very much. >>> also in washington this morning is howard dean, former chairman of the democratic national committee. dr. dean, how are you this morning? >> i'm very well, thank you. >> is health care dead? >> i don't think so. i think the american people want health care reform. what they didn't want was something that was written by the insurance industries. and this is a very washington-centered proposal that finally came over to the house. so i think they'll try again, put something in there that the american people want. the american people really do want us to do something about th
a half million trillion from medicare, i think we can do it better. >> reporter: brown will be coming to washington today to meet with senate colleagues and the massachusetts delegation. >>> they show up to state dinners uninvited but the infamous party crashers don't want to answer questions. for more than an hour, the salahis used their fifth amendment rights on wednesday. they refused to answer questions from members of the house homeland security committee. a couple's lawyer says his clients did nothing wrong. they are still urn investigation by a federal grand jury. >>> ahead in sports the wizards go for the first three-gym winning streak in two seasons. >>> and a big mack matchup in the big easy. the highlights in four minutes. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports. if nothing else, the law of averages suggests that every team should have a three-game win streak once in a while. even if it is a quirk in the schedule that gives you three easy opens back to back to back. mavericks last night, whom the wizards have beaten once this year, three point gam
. >> it will raise taxes and hurt medicare, destroy jobs. >> reporter: the victory means brown -- once brown takes office, senate democrats will no long every have the 60 votes they need to stop a republican filibuster. >>> something didn't seem right and the concerns of an alert counselor leads to the rescue of three people in a dc home. we will have that story coming up. >>> in ten minutes, a report you will only see on 9 from the usns comfort. as the navy hospital ship takes on its first earthquake victim. >>> police in roanoke, virginia have called off the amber alert for a missing toddler. they believe he was dead before his step father filed a missing persons report and may have been murdered. last thursday, the step father claims two other men took the child. >>> a dc counselor saved the day for three victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. they raised the alarm after talking to a teenager in northwest. they found two unconscious 15- year-olds and a semi conscious adult. they are recovering. >>> president obama visited a fairfax county school to push congress for more education funding. the p
. federal stimulus dollars are drying up. rainy day funds have tapped for services like medicare, food stamps and unemployment benefits. >>> carl icon plans to put more money into his bid to buy donald trump's bankrupt casinos. his investment company will commit $125 million more to buy trump entertainment resort. trump bondholders also want to buy the casinos, offered $225 million in a deal that gives him 10% of the reorganized company. >>> time for your money saving tip of the day. running the numbers on popular home improvement. if you work from home, a designated work space is a must- have in a potential tax deduction. according to report, overhauling home office will not pay off when you sell your home. that rule especially true if you borrow usable space from bedroom, living room, or garage. treat yourself to the home office if you need it. but you only earn back about 50% of the job's cost. for more money saving tips, check out my blog and follow me on twitter and facebook. not all these projects pay off in the end. >> we will talk about that all week. those that work and those
in the senate. that has liberals worried to cuts like medicare and social security and conservatives are concerned about tax hikes. we'll broadcast the state of the union tonight on channel 9. coverage starts at 9:00 with the president's speech followed by the republican response and then get more reaction on 9 news now at 11:00 and then at >>> the man accused of attacking a student at montgomery college in takoma park is in jail this morning. police say they captured the suspect last night at the day's inn near georgia avenue and 13th street. the campus was locked down for hours yesterday after a female student was assaulted in a bathroom at the new performing arts building. police say the suspect is a man many his 20s but have not said whether he is also a student. >>> an autopsy will confirm whether remains found on a central virginia farm are those of a college student missing since october. morgan hairington is the virginia tech student who disappear pd after a rock concert in charlottesville. a farmer discovered the remains ten miles from the concert site. they hope
parkinsons or alzheimer's disease. >>> higher medicare payments may hurt the elderly and the economy. the money-saving strategy leads to fewer doctor visits and longer hospital stays which in turn drives up overall health care costs. the report involving nearly 900,000 seniors is one of the first to measure the impact of raising copayments for seniors. >>> whole foods has joined a list of companies offering discounts to employees who live a healthy lifestyle. it is set by guidelines established by the company. >> program works through a biometric screening where we do based on blood pressure, cholesterol and bmi levels to reward team members with different discounts off their grocery bill. >> reporter: employees who participate in the program have the opportunity to save money in addition to a 20% discount they already enjoy. basically the lower the employee's body mass index the higher the store discount will be up to 30%. >>> the nba commissioner makes a final decision on arenas punish and the capitals break away from a tie game by going on a scoring frenzy. highlights coming up in
medicare. >> reporter: all that jargon, public option, letting states opt out, letting states popt in. public option with a trigger. kind of made me like full pulling the trigger or submitting to one of those death panels. i know there were no death panels. for some reason we spent weeks arguing about their non-existence anyway. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: nancy pelosi got a health care bill through the house. you probably missed it because the vote happened late on a saturday night when most people are, well, enjoying themselves. the senate meanwhile oozed along at a pace of mow last he is. the senate is a club with 100 members each of whom has a nuclear weapon. they're always threatening to blow up the latest agreement or they'll keep talking which is called a filibuster. >> i'll tell you one thing the wild horses aren't going to drag me off those floor until those people have... hear everything i've got to say. >> reporter: except nobody actually filibusters anymore as is mr. smith goes to washington. they just threaten to talk all day and all night. >> chief executive offi
the entitlement programs, medicare, medicaid and also government spending, is how little of the federal budget it covers. i thought there was one paragraph in the "new york times" sorry of this this morning that really kind of summed it up. it says the payoff in budget savings would be small relative to the deficit. the estimated $250 billion in savings. $250 billion. over ten years would be less than 3% of the roughly $9 trillion -- $9 trillion -- in new debt that will accrue over the next ten years nap shows you just how massive these sums are that we're talking about. i think it's probably good politics for the president to announce this, that he's going to put this freeze in. whether he can get it passed in an election year when all of these people that are running for re-election in the congress are out there with their political survival at stake i think is another matter. he may get a freeze in some of these programs, i think it's going to be very difficult for him to get a freeze in all of them that he's talking about. >> because voters are paying attention and the economy is clearly t
with the long term debt before everybody talks about you have to do something about social security and medicare. and i was in the deal last time with bb dole 20 some years ago where we settled for 30 years social security. we all worked together. and it was really disappointing that seven of the republican co-sponsors of that proposal yesterday voted against it. and then when the president talked about the kind of things we have to do to take responsibility for what we did to add to the debt and what they did to add to the debt previously, there didn't seem to be much of a reaction. but this is a little bit of theater and i'm hoping -- i know there's a core of republican senators who want to work on this with us. >> mr. vice president, thank you for the time this morning. do appreciate it. >> thanks, harry. >>> now here's maggie. >>> let's hear from the other side, republican senator john mccain joins us from capitol hill. good morning, senator mccain. >> good morning, maggie. >> you just heard vice president biden echo what president obama said last night. now nat democrat nos longer have the
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Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)